Sunday, January 27, 2008


I paid £6 for these, from Deliverance. They took 90 minutes to arrive, along with the Thai green chicken curry, and when they arrived I was so hungry that I felt completely ripped off by these few little bits of chicken in a box. I felt different by the time I’d finished the meal, certainly, but 14 quid for satay and green curry, with no rice, seems like a lot, particularly when you realise that the same choice, admittedly in a slightly smaller portion, costs you 9 quid in Yelo in Hoxton Square - especially as the latter have something of a location overhead.

So, being a geek, I filled in the feedback form on their website saying "good food, but expensive and slow". To my surprise, I got a personal email back today (I had the food on Friday eve) explaining about how the pricing had gone up because of supplier costs and the like. Nice personal touch, but still, 14 quid for not that much food seems like a lot to me.

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